How to Have a Golf Day: The Ultimate Guide for Those Who Think Golf is Just a Good Walk Ruined

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Ah, golf. The sport where you can find people of all ages yelling at small balls. You've decided you want to have a golf day, but you don't want to mess it up. What do you do? Follow these steps, and not only will you pull off a golf day but you might actually enjoy it, too. Don't worry; there are no mulligans in event planning.

Why Even Bother?

First off, decide why you're subjecting yourself and others to this adventure. A stag do? A charity event? A mid-life crisis? Nail down the reason, as this will help you plot your course, both literally and metaphorically.

Picking the Battleground

Next, you have to pick your battlefield—I mean, golf course. You need a place that accommodates everyone's skill level, from "PGA Tour wannabe" to "I thought this was mini-golf." Location is key; proximity to a hospital might be beneficial for your less coordinated friends.

Time Travelling (Sort of)

Time to pick a date. Try to find a day where rain isn't in the forecast—unless you enjoy seeing people attempt to swing while holding an umbrella. Oh, and maybe check if it’s hurricane season. You never know.

Counting Pennies and Pounds

Now, let's talk budget. This is golf, not a trip to Mars—although sometimes it can feel like you're hitting the ball into another galaxy. Figure out what you can afford and remember: the more you pay, the fancier the sand traps.

Inviting the Brave and the Bold

Once you know how much you can spend without taking out a second mortgage, it’s time to invite people. Use whatever method doesn't make you cringe—Facebook event, email, skywriting. If people don't RSVP, you have permission to nag. After all, the more the merrier. And by merrier, I mean more targets on the fairway.

Making it Official-ish

After you've heard back from the brave souls who are willing to join, call the golf course to confirm. They might laugh when you ask about group discounts, but hey, you tried.

What Else Can We Do?

Think about additional activities because let's face it, after the 9th hole, you’ll need to distract people from their scores. How about a longest drive competition? Just make sure to define "longest" because there's always that one guy who thinks he's a comedian.

For the Love of Swag

Make some goodie bags because nothing says "I'm pretending to enjoy this" like free stuff. Throw in some golf balls, a snack, and maybe a small bottle of something strong for "medicinal" purposes.

D-Day or G-Day?

It's the day of the event. Arrive early, mostly to claim the best cart and to set up any embarrassing banners you've brought along. Ensure everyone has their swag bag; otherwise, you'll be hearing about it for the next 18 holes.

Say Cheese, or Just Swing

Whether it's a disposable camera, a smartphone, or a professional photographer, make sure someone is capturing the moments. You know, like the time Dave fell into the water hazard trying to retrieve his ball.

The Aftermath

After everyone's putted their last putt and located most of their lost balls, send a thank-you note. After all, they suffered through this with you; the least you can do is say thanks.

Plan the Sequel?

After it’s all said and done, sit down and take stock. What went well? What didn't? Who needs to brush up on their skills? Most importantly, when's the next golf day?

So there you have it, a guide on how to have a golf day without making a complete bogey of the whole thing. May your swings be true and your balls not end up in the lake. Cheers!

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